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spankychick's Journal

Stephanie Highlander
Hey everyone. My name is Stephanie Highlander, but you can also call 'Steph'. It is shorter and easier on everyone lol. So I am a model. I am 16 and I do modeling 4 fashion bug's weekly magazine. I started modeling just this year and I LOVE it. I hope to be a Playboy Modeler when i grow up so i am just starting off here one step at a time. So if u want to be my friend and have good times, see hot pix of me, then feel free to say so. My lj is friends only because I have it pretty rough, with fame and all, but jus speak up on the friends only post where u just ask me. I will most likely add u.

If u wanna know more about me=
Name = Stephanie Highlander
Age = 15
Birthday = January, 24th, 1990
Eye color = green
hair color = blonde
ethnicity - white
weight = 93
height = 5'3"
bra size = d
grade = junior (11th)
pets = two cats (names are Gina and Yuri)
favorite band = black eyed peas and christina agulara
fav actress = paris hilton
fav actor = Ron Jeremy
fav magazine = playboy
fav movie = girls gone wild 2 and debbie does dallas

My best friends are:::

Vanessa!! I could NOT live without her. we've been best friends since 3RD GRADE!

Arianna! she has had it so rough, you could not believe. im always there for her and shes always there for me!

Alex. hes the sweetest guy ive ever met and him and vanessa make the cutest couple omg!

darilyn! my new friend that i met right here on livejournal! shes great,i love her!

perez!! were the BEST of friends! shes the coolest!!

and soooo many more that i havent even named.

I lIkE tO pArTy!!!!1 so if you like to party too, HIT ME UP!!!

I love my family. I don't know WTF i'd do without them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my heros are my friends, family, paris hilton and jesus.

well thats all i can think of for now but if i think of more i will def add it here!!!